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Friday May 24, 2019


About us Mission Statement


Offer a hub that encompasses all student needs

Whether it is scholarship information, financial advice, entertainment ideas, food ideas, course and program information or much more, is the “One Stop Shop for All Student Needs.” It is the hub for anything a prospective, current or recent student needs or wants. Being a student is hard enough nowadays. strives to make it a little bit easier by saving students time, money and a lot of stress. Whether they are high school student, college or university students or recent graduates, is the one site that students should have bookmarked. After all it is a “One Stop Shop for All Student Needs.”    

Connect students with universities/ colleges, potential employers and other students

One of the most vital aspects of student life is the social interaction. As a student, it is important to stay in touch and up to date with other students, colleges and universities and potential employers. provides the resources to be able to do this. Through, students can contribute and interact in a forum dedicated to students. With the resources to keep up to date on student related news, apply to jobs, search colleges and universities, contribute and read other student generated blogs and editorials, provides the connections to be the “One Stop Shop for All Student Needs”

 Work toward the betterment of and give a voice to students across Canada

Everyday is working tirelessly for the betterment of students throughout Canada. From rising tuition fees to overvalued textbooks, strives to build public awareness for issues that students in Canada face every day. By contacting municipal decision makers and giving a voice to students, is progressing to their goal of improving the situation of students throughout Canada.  For, students represent the nation’s future as they are the next generation that will keep the wheels rolling. Investing in the betterment of students will lead to the betterment of society. For, students provide unlimited potential returns on investment.