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Tuesday June 25, 2019


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Canada has almost 7 million students enrolled in elementary, secondary and post-secondary education currently. is a website that reaches out to those 7 million students and is seen by a significant portion of that population. Advertise directly to your target demographic on If you want your business to be seen by students, why waste money advertising on websites not meant for students? is the answer to all your advertising requirements. Your business could gain a significant boost in traffic from advertising to a potential 7 million students on, so don’t wait! is your one stop shop for your entire student advertising needs. is the # 1 website for students of all levels in Canada. Our target market is students, parents, job seekers, employers, and new immigrants.

Advertising with gives your organization exposure to many visitors on our website and will ensure company growth.

To advertise with us please call us at (289) 466-6106 or (416) 300-3786. You can also send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.