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Wednesday April 24, 2019


Sheridan College - Davis Campus

Sheridan College - Davis Campus 

7899 McLaughlin Road,


ON , L6Y5H9

Tel : 9054597533


Sheridan College Institute of Technology and advanced Learning was founded in 1967.

It started as a School of Graphic Design and later started courses in Fashion Design and Animation. 

It is one of the best Polytechnic institutes in Canada.

Now it offers a wide variety of courses like Engineering , Architecture , Business, Finance , Accounting and many more.

They also offer amazing programs like Animal Care and Early Childhood Education (ECE).


Established : 1967

Campus: Suburban 

Type : Public

Motto : Shine Brighter

Sports Team : Sheridan Bruins

Mascot : The Bruin

Colours : Double Blue (Blue/Blue)

Affiliations: CCAA, ACCC, AUCC, CBIE

Polytechnics Canada.


It is located at Steeles and McLaughlin Road.

Close to Downtown Brampton.

Features an assortment of Programs.

Nearby attractions include Bramalea City Centre Shopping Mall.

It is accesible by the brampton transit line and the GO transit.

Its central location makes access easier for students. 

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Overall Tuition and Fees

Domestic : $3800 to $15,000

International : $8000 to $25,000

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Alumni Information

Sheridan alumni include five Academy Awards nominees and two winners.

College life does not end at graduation , various alumni events take place many times during the year.

Information about these events in constantly updated on the college website.

To get this information, please click on the following link :

 Alumni Events


Enrollment : 14,472

Residence : 350

Students Arrive from:

Brampton : 36.7%

Oakville : 2.5%

Metro T.O: 8%

Mississauga: 35%

Burlington/Hamilton : 1.5%

Other Ontario: 11.1%

International : 2.0%

Other Canada : 3%


The following programs are offered at this campus :

Business -General

Bachelor of Applied Heath Sciences

Chemical Engineering Technology

Community and Justice Services

Computer Programming

Business Administration - Finance

Community Worker - Outreach and Development

Technology fundamentals

Mechanical Engineering

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Scholarship and Financial Aid

Sheridan presents over 600 Academic Awards to students demonstrating

outstanding academic achievement. 

Academic Awards

New information about scholarships  is constantly updated on the following:

Scholarships and Bursaries

Sheridan also offers need-based aid and awards.

Financial Aid and OSAP


President and CEO : Dr. Jeff Zabudsky

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The prized faculty of Sheridan College specialise in every field they teach.

They have been highly rewarded and recognised by various organisations. 

Following are the fields for which this campus' faculty is popular:

Business Studies

Community Studies

Liberal Studies

Applied Commuting

Engineering Sciences


It features a brand new Student Centre(The Rec Room)

A fully equipped athletic facility.

A large student-friendly library with study space.

A full-service Cafeteria with healthy food options.

All of this is situated in a peaceful park setting.

Also Residence dorms for students coming from elsewhere.

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