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Wednesday April 24, 2019


Algonquin College - Pembroke Campus


Pembroke Campus

1 College Way


Ontario, K8A0C8

Tel: 613-735-4700


This campus opened in fall of 2012. It is located in the city of Pembroke, approximately 140 km North of Ottawa

The enabling legislation of the Algonquin College is the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Act.

The college family was established in 1967 during the formation of Ontario’s college system in 1967.

Algonquin College is named after the Algonquin First Nations Peoples who were original inhabitors of the area.

The founding institutions were the Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology and the Ottawa Vocational Centre.


Administration .

Motto: Your goals , your career ,your college

Type : Public College of Applied Arts and Technology

Admin.Staff : 1,151 full time

Colours : Green and White

Nickname : Algonquin Thunder

Mascot : Thor

Affiliations : CCAA , ACCC , AUCC , Royal Military

College of Canada, CBIE , Polytechnics


President: Kent Macdonald

President's Office Website

Students Academics.

This college houses approximately 900 full-time students. The following programs are offered at this Campus:

The campus is fairly diverse although it mostly serves the ForestTechnician

local community in which it is located. Business

Outdoor Adventure

Students study a variety of programs in a great Practical Nursing

environment amidst nature.Culinary Skills

For a full list and description of all courses available,

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Students' Association Page

Tuition and Fees .Scholarship and Financial Aid /

The fee varies greatly in accordance with the programs. Algonquin provides students with various methods of

It also varies from the citizenship status of the student. financial help. The following is a sneak-peak of the same:

domestic Canadian students usually have a lower fee OSAP

than international students. Bursaries

Student Loans

For full detailed fee, please follow the link below:

Tuition and Fee Please click on the link below to visit the official financial aid page:

Campus Facilities .

It is surrounded by beautiful countryside, forestsThe biggest advantage and facility at this campus is the open

lakes and rivers – the perfect location for some and natural environment which is perfect for its outdoor programs.

of the most exhilarating outdoor programs on earth.

It is a small campus hence providing students with Success Stories

a cohesive learning environment.

News and Events Page

Contact Information

Alumni Information .

Information, News and Events details may be found on

the official Alumni website the link for which is provided

below :