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Thursday August 24, 2017


Should Education Be Job Oriented?

Education plays an important role in everyone’s life and it offers people the right knowledge to choose a career path that gives them complete satisfaction. Education is crucial for people to improve their knowledge, form a personality...

How to Catch the Interest of the Reviewer of Your “After College” CV?

Now that you have graduated from college and are ready to start your journey as an adult, you need to find a job. 

5 Absolutely Sure Shot Ways to Beat Back-To-School Blues

For the majority of children, the start of their school means the end of free and fun time. If only kids had the choice, they would definitely prefer summer holidays to last forever but we all know that can never happen. So, there is a desperate need of finding ways to send your kids back to school with a genuine smile on their faces. The simple steps below will help you beat the back-to-school blues without a doubt:  

What You Need to Know to Be Productive at Work

What You Need to Know to Be Productive at Work 

4 Things to Do To Entice Your Recruiter

We all know the significance of the interview rounds to impress the recruiter to secure a vacant position. But the surprising element is this that a large promotion of young professionals is unaware about tactics that they could implement to impress their recruiter to get employed. However, if you’re also desperately hunting for something that will allow you to capture the attention of your recruiter then you’re reading the right blog. Check out the information shared below to grow your career in a perfect manner. 

4 Stunning Secrets to Secure a Job after Graduation

After completing graduation with stunning grades you are now planning to step into the professional world with a bang. 

4 Super Strategies to Remain 100% Active While Studying

While studying in a college or university there are numerous times when it’s become impossible for students to eliminate laziness to meet their desire goals. This is why many students fail to achieve their academic targets in the way they require to grow their performance graph. Therefore in this blog we will talk about some super strategy that could help us to conquer negativity. Take a look below to learn 4 super strategies to stay extremely positive as well as active. 

Why is Education Important in Our Life?

Education gives us knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life.  

How Socialising Sites Can Ruin Your Recruitment Process

Undoubtedly social media is a powerful and extremely easy to use tool to find the best employment opportunity. Nowadays everyone is talking about so many perks of socialising sites when it comes to getting hired easily and quickly. But you will be amazed to know that along with great perks there are some drawbacks of social media that might ruin your recruitment process. Therefore in this article we would take a close look at pitfalls of social media that can stop you to grow in the professional world.

Check out the information shared below to avoid embarrassment in the recruitment process. 

Student Debt Is Worse Than It Seems.

Student loans are proving to be a much bigger burden on households than previously thought. It's not surprising that student loan debt remains a problem child. College prices continue to defy inflation rates and the biggest percentage price hikes are coming from public universities, which is where most middle and low-income students have traditionally depended upon for bachelor degrees. They struggle to repay their loans. The colleges with the lowest student-loan repayment rates include many for profit colleges, but also some public and private non profit colleges, including a substantial number of historically black institutions. Even some wealthier, more selective colleges turn out to have a bigger student loans problem than previously realized.