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Friday June 22, 2018



Skilled Trades and Labour
Ontario - Newmarket
2017-02-10 18:16:31
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TJ AUTO PARTS INC. is a growing quality assurance company which is the main contractor with Magna, Maple Stamping, Techform and so on. The customer of TJ AUTO PARTS INC. covered a large area of auto parts production. There are facilities produces exterior auto parts, which more focus on appearance quality, and some are interior products, which the function is the priority quality concern.

The role of TJ AUTO PARTS INC. is helping Quality Engineering Department in each facility to control and eliminate either potential quality issue or the ones occurrence. One of the core activity of TJ is to perform online/offline GP12 which is inspecting on all the products (auto parts) coming from production in order to audit the quality of the products, it mostly happened on new launch programs. Another major activity is to implement the sorting either online or offline, it is mainly for on ongoing projects when the quality issue was found. Moreover, TJ also performs fixture checking, and data input for Gauge R & R, Capability Study and so on. It is a good practice for the students who already have acknowledge of computer skill and data analyze skill. They will improve their skills from practical experience instead of just the concept in the book. The students will also have a lot of opportunities to communicate with Quality Engineers and Production Engineers to strong their communication skill. TJ onsite supervisors will teach students to properly write the daily report in certain format. Each student who is willing to join in TJ Auto Team will be provided the basic safety training per the manufacturing plant requirement.

Our main working locations are Magna Dortec Div. in Newmarket, Magna Dortec Div. in Bradford, Magna Rollstamp Div. in Concord, Maple Stamping in Concord, APP in Chatham. There are more locations are under developing and the business will be available in future.

We are welcome to provide training to the students who participated to our works, therefore if you or your students are interesting in our position. 

Please submit your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.