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Wednesday February 20, 2019


Felesky Commercial Realty Ltd.

Name:           Felesky Commercial Realty Ltd

Provided by:   Medicine Hat College

Value:              $500

Deadline date:   April 30, 2017 

Academic ICT Achievement Prize In Management Information Systems

Name:   Academic ICT Achievement Prize in Management Information Systems 

Provided by:   University of Alberta

Value:            $750

Deadline:      April 15,  2017 

H. D. Woods Memorial Bursary

Name:   H. D. Woods Memorial Bursary 

Provided by: University of New Brunswick

Value: 1,000

Deadline:  Apr 15, 2017 

Advertising Standards Canada - Robert E. Oliver Scholarship

Name:   Advertising Standards Canada - Robert E. Oliver Scholarship 

Provided by:   NAIT

Deadline:      Jan 31,2017 

Type of Award: Scholarship 

Value:               1,500 

Aboriginal Arts & Stories

Name:       Aboriginal Arts & Stories 

Deadline:   Mar 31, 2017 

Australia Endeavour Awards: Postgraduate Scholarship

Name:  Australia Endeavour Awards: Postgraduate Scholarship 

Value:        $272,500

Deadline:   June 30, 2017 

International Student Entrance Scholarship

Name:   International Student Entrance Scholarship

Provided by:     Bow Valley College

Amount:            $2,000

Deadline:          April 30, 2017

Type of Award Scholarship 

Angus Reid Forum Panel Contest

Angus Reid Forum Panel Contest

Provided by:    Vision Critical

Amount:        $1,000

Deadline:       December 31, 2016

Type of Award:  Contest 

DFATD International Scholarships Program CBIE

Name: DFATD International Scholarships Program CBIE

Provided by; Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada 

Amount: CAD $12 Million per year

Deadline: July 2005 – ongoing

Type: International Scholarships Program 

Canada’s Luckiest Student 4

Name:  Canada’s Luckiest Student 4

Provided by: Student Life Network

Amount: $ 65,000

Deadline: Student Life Network

Type: Contest