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Wednesday January 16, 2019


Students heading into higher education are not being prepared enough for the transition from secondary school.

According to an annual admissions survey which launched at an HE advisors conference in London, all respondents unanimously agreed that students must ensure they are “ready to think and learn independently” when asked how students could be better prepared to thrive while successfully complete their degree.

The general view among admissions officers is that students should have a secure understanding of the demands of their chosen course to thrive at university, something a massive 98 per cent of respondents cited as being “important or very important.” Thirty-two per cent, though, believed this knowledge to be missing in students.

The transition to college is challenging for all students, but especially for those whose family experience did not include college. To ease the transition and to increase college readiness and success, students should be assessed early on and take the necessary remediation coursework. In addition to bolstering students’ academic skills, communities need to help students develop non-cognitive skills. Workshops on finances, college life, and soft skills can help students get to and through college, especially during the first few semesters.

 Recognizing that adults have rich life experiences, institutions of higher education can accelerate adult learners’ pathways to postsecondary credentials by offering college credit for learning that occurred outside traditional academic environments. Institutions may award credit for work experience, part.

As well as being prepared to think and work independently, students also clearly need to do their homework on course content and realistically ensure they are able to cope with the challenges it will bring if they are to thrive and succeed at university.

There is a huge emphasis placed on the quality of the student experience at university nowadays, but the reality is that many young people are unable to access the right experience for themselves.


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