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Monday June 24, 2019


Why career counselling is more valuable now than ever before

Today, career counsellors believe that it is essential to identify a person’s original “pain”. This provides the starting point and life plot of every person’s career and life career story.

In today’s competitive world , it has really become difficult to select the right kind of career which not only suits the student’s skill sets but also allows them to excel in their profile. The situation gets worsen with the lack of opportunities and right direction. In all such circumstances the role of career guidance plays an important role.

The desired alignment between the preparatory and applied dimensions of the graduate’s experience positions the transition process from higher education to the employment and professional career as a strategic stage for higher education providers, as performance indicator and feedback regarding the employment issue.

For high school students, the future still lies ahead. Students must sit down with parents to discuss before taking the final decision. Planning must start well in advance. And in order to be able to plan right, you need right guide – including suitable career choices and the preparation for moving towards that field. This way you get ample time to research and prepare yourself.

Every individual has a goal to achieve in life. What ambitions or targets do you have? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? The best aspect of career education and guidance provided in schools is that it is objective and strategic. A clear picture of your goal can be created informing you about where you will head and what obstacles you will face on this journey.

An important thing to remember here is to be wary of malice intentions. There are a number of people who do not want you to succeed and they will be ready to misguide you. Don’t fall into the trap. Whenever an expert gives you guidance related to education and the future, make sure you do your own research and read about it in books or on the Internet.

Career guidance helps students to select the right kind of job oriented courses which will help them to take their career in the right direction. The career guidance is provided by the occupation or education in future which goes well with their capabilities, skills and interest. 

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