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Wednesday May 22, 2019


The Future of Education

As our world changes, technology is only getting better and improving our lives in more and more ways. However, there are people who believe that these technological advancements are not beneficial towards classroom learning and that they will soon replace human intelligence in schools. There are many reasons why this is not the case and why technology will improve the learning environment.

Firstly, technology will allow students to learn at their own pace. They will be able to learn wherever they are and seek help from outside the school as well as inside of it. Using technology will also give students more learning opportunities outside of class and can prove beneficial to students who struggle in the classroom.

Secondly, technology will give students more freedom when it comes to learning. Technology will give students a more personalized way of learning, as they can use their own techniques, programs they’re familiar with, and use tools that they feel will help them in understanding a certain concept. Ultimately, technology gives students a choice in how they want to learn and do it in a way that they’re comfortable with.

Thirdly, having access to technology will teach students valuable life skills early on. It will teach them to be more productive, as they will have technology that can be used for good or bad. It will be up to them how they manage their time to get their work done without getting distracted. It will also teach them to be independent and rely on themselves to get things done. Not having a teacher to work with at all times of the day will let the students figure things out on their own and learn how to problem solve.

Lastly, implementing technology in schools will allow for a better access to information. Oftentimes, schools simply provide students with textbooks which are not the most practical. They are usually outdated and not easy to get information from. Using the internet, students will have better access to information that is up to date. They will also have to learn how to use reliable websites, cite their sources, and how to look up information effectively.

Overall, technology in schools is a good thing that will prove beneficial for students. They will let students learn at their own pace and have a personalized way of learning. It will teach them skills such as responsibility and independence and will give them better access to information. Technology should not be seen as a bad thing in schools, but rather a way of improving students and the learning environment as a whole.

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