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Monday March 25, 2019


World’s First Hologram Lecture

Education has benefitted greatly from the advancements in technology. However, technology is advancing in ways we would not expect. One such advancement is university classes being taught by “hologram-like apparitions.”

This past Thursday, Imperial College London held the world’s first live hologram lecture. Lecturers in New York and Los Angeles were presented in front of an audience in London. They appeared for a talk about women in technology where they were asked questions by the students and had discussions with them. Imperial College London is even starting to offer courses with holographic guests after the display of their holographic technology.

The university claims to be the first to use holographic technology for educational purposes. However, this was not the first time this was used in general. In the past, this technology has been used to animate Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and other famous celebrities. The way this is done is by having "the lecturers have a high-definition monitor in front of them which is calibrated so they can point at people and look them in the eye." They can look at whoever they want, talk to whoever, and interact with anyone. They can even intercommunicate with other hologram users.

There may be several drawbacks with using this technology such as a technical hitch, but there are many more benefits associated with holographic technology. For one, a lecturer can be broadcasted to multiple lecture halls simultaneously. Also, the lectures can be recorded and played back. In addition to this, teachers and professors can continue teaching lectures when they are out of the country. In general, this technology will be quite helpful and provide students with a sense that a person is actually in front of them when in reality, they could be across the world.

With this new technology, newer studios are being set up in locations such as the US, Canada and Singapore. This display was made using techniques learned from a Toronto based hologram company, AHRT Media. Not only is this way simpler, but it is also cheaper which allows universities to afford the technology.

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