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Monday June 24, 2019


Who Has the Best Education?

When it comes to having the best education system, America is nearly always somewhere in the middle or near the bottom of the list of countries. East Asian countries such as China, Singapore, and Japan are known to excel at subjects like math and science but lack in the health aspect. Should America be like these countries where studying harder and living less is the norm or be like Finland who has one of the best education systems in the world? The Finnish education system nearly always comes out on top, but what makes it so much better than the education system in America?

Firstly, Finland’s Ministry of Education values their students’ mental well being over their schooling. For one, schools tend to have more relaxed atmospheres in which students are not as stressed out about school. They are given more breaks where they can get fresh air and decompress from their classes and also have later starts to their school day. This is found to be healthier for students’ well being. All these things allow students to enjoy learning and being in school. It is a way for them to not be stressed out and remain healthy, both physically and mentally. The education system in Finland is generally a more relaxed way of learning and strays far from cramming students with information only for it to be regurgitated for an exam or test.

This brings us to the next point which is that Finnish students do not have any standardized testing. Standardized testing is not an accurate way to determine competency in a subject as it only teaches students to cram information days before the test. Teachers also only focus on students passing the test and exams and don’t necessarily care about whether or not they actually understand the material. There is not much learning and understanding to be had with these tests. On the other hand, in Finland, there are no standardized tests so students are graded individually based on a grading system by the teacher. The progress is tracked by the Ministry of Education who overlooks everything.

The last thing that sets Finland apart from the rest is their focus on cooperation instead of competition. It is often seen in America that only the smartest get accepted into postsecondary learning and find higher paying jobs. This is not the case in Finland as they have created an environment of cooperation. There are no lists for the top performing schools or teachers. Everyone learns together rather than competing to be the best. Overall, the success of the Finnish education system comes from not overworking students, having more relaxed atmospheres, and valuing cooperation more than competition which are things that are not seen in many other places in the world.

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