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Wednesday April 24, 2019


The Université de Montréal

2900 Boulevard Edouard-Montpetit,

Montreal, QC, H3T 1J4

Tel: (514) 343-6111 


The Université de Montréal (English translation: University of Montreal) (UdeM) is a public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The francophone institution comprises thirteen faculties, more than sixty departments and two affiliated schools: the École Polytechnique (School of Engineering) and HEC Montréal (School of Business).

It offers more than 650 undergraduate programmes and graduate programmes, including 71 doctoral programmes.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings of 2012-2013 ranks the Université de Montréal at 84th place globally .

The university has Quebec's largest sponsored research income and the third largest in Canada, allocating close to $524.1 million to research conducted in more than 150 research centres as of 2011.

It is also part of the U15 universities. More than 55,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs, making it the second largest university in Canada in terms of student enrolment.


  • Motto : Fide splendet et scientia (Latin)
  • Motto in English : It shines by faith and knowledge
  • Established : 1878 as Université Laval à Montréal
  • Type : Public
  • Endowment : $189.254 million
  • Location : Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Campus : Urban, park, 60 ha (150 acres)
  • Colors : Royal blue, White and Black
  • Athletics : 15 varsity teams
  • Nickname : Carabins
  • Mascot : Carabin

Affiliations : AUCC, IAU, AUF, AUFC, ACU, CIS, QSSF, IFPU, U15, CBIE, CUP.


  • Rector : Guy Breton


  • Undergraduates : 42,684
  • Postgraduates : 15,798


  • Developing
  • Arts and music
  • Communication
  • Right
  • Economics and Politics
  • Education and science education

Environment and Sustainable Development

  • Language and literature
  • Preparedness programs
  • university
  • Individualized programs

Business administration and management

  • Health Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Pure and applied sciences
  • Social studies
  • Social Sciences: Intervention

Information Technology and Communications

  • Theology and Religious Studies

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Tuition and Fees:

Tuition fee varies with the students’ citizenship status in Quebec and also the program.

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Scholarship and Financial Aid:

  • Scholarships
  • Bursaries
  • Need-based Aid
  • Loans

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The university's main campus is located on the northern slope of Mont-Royal in the Outremont and Côte-des-Neiges boroughs.

Its landmark Pavilion Roger-Gaudry, designed by noted architect Ernest Cormier, and named for former rector Roger Gaudry, can be seen from around the campus and is known for its imposing tower.

It is built mainly in the Art Deco style, with some elements of International style.

On 14 September 1954, a Roll of Honour plaque on the wall at the right of the stairs to the Court of Honour in Roger-Gaudry Pavillon was dedicated alumni of the Université de Montréal who died in armed service during the Second World War.

On November 1963, a memorial plaque was dedicated to the memory of those members of the Université de Montréal who served in the Armed Forces during the First and Second World Wars and Korea.

The campus is served by the Côte-des-Neiges, Université-de-Montreal, and Édouard-Montpetit metro stations.

Faculty and Staff:

  • Academic staff : 7,329
  • Admin. staff : 4,427


The university has an extensive alumni network, with more than 300,000 members registered with the university's alumni network.Throughout the university's history, faculty, alumni, and former students have played prominent roles in a number of fields. Many former students have gained local and national prominence for serving in government. Michaëlle Jean served as Governor General of Canada, and Pierre Trudeau served as the 15th Prime Minister of Canada. Ten Premiers of Quebec have also graduated from the university, including Jean-Jacques Bertrand, Robert Bourassa, Maurice Duplessis, Lomer Gouin, Daniel Johnson, Jr., Daniel Johnson Sr., Pierre-Marc Johnson, Bernard Landry, Jacques Parizeau, and Paul Sauvé.

A number of students have also gained prominence for their research and work in a number of scientific fields. Roger Guillemin, a graduate of the university, would later be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work with neurohormones. Alumnus Ishfaq Ahmad, would also gain prominence for his work with Pakistan's nuclear weapon's program, and their nuclear power program.Jocelyn Faubert, known for his work in the fields of visual perception, is currently a faculty member of the university. Gilles Brassard, best known for his fundamental work in quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, quantum entanglementdistillation, quantum pseudo-telepathy, and the classical simulation of quantum entanglement.

Several prominent business leaders have also graduated from the university. Graduates include Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien, founder and CEO of Telemedia,Louis R. Chênevert, chairman and CEO of the United Technologies Corporation, Calin Rovinescu, President and CEO of Air Canada, and Pierre Karl Péladeau, president and CEO of Quebecor.


  • Life Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Pure and applied sciences
  • Social studies
  • Social Sciences: Intervention
  • Arts and music
  • Communication