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Wednesday April 24, 2019


First Nations University of Canada – Northern Campus


1301 Central Ave. 

Prince Albert, SK, S6V 4W1

Tel: (306) 765-3333 EXT 7000


  • The First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) (formerly Saskatchewan Indian Federated College) is a university in Saskatchewan, Canada with campuses in Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert.
  • Although it is called the First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) and is recognized as a university by the Saskatchewan Government, the institution is actually a federated college of the University of Regina (U of R), and its degrees are recognized as U of R degrees.
  • The enabling legislation is An Act Respecting the University of Regina, Chapter U-5.
  • The FNUniv degree programs are correlated with the rest of the U of R curriculum.
  • FNUniv is open to students of all cultures and nationalities are not restricted to those of First Nations descent.


Established : Saskatchewan Indian Federated College (1976-2003); First Nations University of Canada (2003-present)

  • Type : federated college
  • Campus : Northern Campus (Prince Albert)
  • Affiliations : AUCC


President : Juliano Tupone (Acting)

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We are unable to provide exact information about the number of students at this campus.


  • Certificate in Indian Communication Arts
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts, Indigenous Studies Major (Advanced and Honours Levels)Indian Fine Arts, Minor
  • Certificate of Indian Social Work
  • Bachelor of Indian Social Work
  • Masters of Aboriginal Social Work

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Tuition and Fees:

  • FNUniv students at the Regina campus pay regular U of R related and University of Regina Student Union fees.

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Scholarship and Financial Aid:

  • The Government of Canada sponsors an Aboriginal Bursaries Search Tool that lists over 680 scholarships, bursaries, and other incentives offered by governments, universities, and industry to support Aboriginal post-secondary participation.
  • First Nations University of Canada scholarships for Aboriginal, First Nations and Metis students include: Adam Dreamhealer Prize; Ayahkamimakan Pimatisiwin (Life Continues) Bursary; Albert Bellegarde Memorial Scholarship; Grain Services Union Bursary; Molson Entrance Scholarship; Hudson's Bay Company Student Achievement Award for Excellence and many more.



  • For information about Faculty and Staff please click on the following link


  • Academic and personal counselling
  • Academic Seminars
  • Tutoring Services
  • Computer Science Lab
  • Library Services
  • On-Campus Elders
  • Cultural and traditional teachings
  • Student Association
  • Campus events


  • Reconnect with old friends, refresh old memories ; all with the help of FNUniv’s Alumni Website.

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  • First Nations University
  • Aboriginal
  • Federated
  • Counselling
  • Indian Fine Arts
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