Systems Architect

Woodlands TX, (Houston Metropolitan Area) Software

Contract : 1 year

Location: Woodlands TX, (Houston Metropolitan Area)

Pay Rate: $65 per hour

Slots: 2

Development Projects in scope (sample of request types):

• Create mobility web-based solutions for certain Applications in the portfolio (ex. Mobile solution for building technicians to view/action/close tickets)

• Create automated solutions for manual processes (ex. Automate an approval workflow to take equipment offline for maintenance)

• Create multi-device solutions that include a front-end GUI, back-end logic, workflows, database interactions, etc. Development Support Skills and Experience:

• Intermediate Front End Skills: Angular 6 / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery / AngularJS

• Intermediate/Advanced Back-End Skills: C# / ASP.NET / ASP.NET MVC / MS SQL Server (or SQL in general)

• Scripting skills (i.e. PowerShell) Sample technologies in scope of a long-term assignment:

• Building Automation Systems - Allows facilities’ operators to monitor the health of all the equipment on the Houston Campus (e.g. backup diesel engines, HVAC system, etc.); Plans to expand services to other sites, such as Calgary & Dallas

• Houston Campus Traffic Control - Traffic Management System to monitor and track vehicle speed violations; Continuous improvement to an application built in-house with opportunity to convert an Access-based application to a more user-friendly web application

• Meeting Scheduler & Seat Finder Apps – Smart meeting scheduler that finds the best room for the number of participants and location preference; Seat finder helps you find an empty seat at locations where seats are not assigned

• Various In-House developed apps for approval workflows, dashboards, etc. Desired Skills and Experience:

• Experience implementing front-end web UIs

• Experience implementing Client/Server Architecture Applications

• MS SQL Server - Database Design, Reporting, Security, Stored Procedures, SSIS-based Integrations • Communication/Relationship Management

• Interactions with other organizations will be needed to successfully accomplish support work

• Creative thinking - Ability to think outside the box and make recommendations/suggestions on technology and processes Agile/Scrum Team Methodologies:

• Familiar with Agile Principles

• Experience on a Scrum Team working in sprints

• Committed to working in scrum team environment

• Prepared for work visibility and delivering on a schedule