Packaging Operator

September 9, 2023
$17.85 / hour

Job Description

Studenttimes Staffing Solutions is looking to hire Packaging Operators, morning shift, for an esteemed client in Arthur-Guelph in meat processing industry.

1. Position Purpose:
Responsible for pocketing, scaling, filling, service person, denting, bagging, machine operator, code dater, HPP tubes, pack off & skid, cages and boxing products. Ensure our products meet the quality standards before filling and packing off into boxes. Box products are sealed and label, then stacked on skids in a appropriate manner.
2. Qualifications:
• English – good reading and writing skills in order to verify products, product safety and product HACCP requirements and read manufacturing orders (MO)
• Math skills-good numerical skills in order to understand production standards and have the ability to calculate required meat amounts for daily production.
3. Specific Accountabilities:
a) Weigh the product to ensure accuracy
b) Fill totes and boxes
c) Inspect products for safety and quality standards
d) Make boxes by taking a flat box and folding it together
e) Close the boxes and put through tape machine
f) Label boxes and product if needed
g) Lift the boxes from the line to the skid, stacking in an appropriate manner
h) Perform quality control check including completing sheets. Advise lead hand of any metal detector issues
i) Ensure following all safety procedures and regulations e.g. wearing appropriate PPE
j) Report any product or safety issues to lead hand and or Supervisor
k) Perform packer duties on all lines. Rotate through: Nova, Weber, Repak, Bacon, Cryo-vac and HPP
l) Call up products on the scale, make necessary changes and change labels as required.
m) Work safely and in accordance with company safety policies and procedures, in addition to OHSA regulations
n) Keep work area clean and orderly
o) Comply with CFIA regulations
p) Follow the company’s Quality Assurance Program i.e HACCP and GMP’s
q) Other duties as may be assigned.

4. Working Conditions:
This position requires constant exposure to the cold and noise. Interruption and distractions are a normal part of this position. Temperature in Packaging room is maintained at 2 degrees Celsius.
5. Work Hazards:
All hazards are conducive to plant environment/equipment.
6. Machines and Equipment Operated:
Must be familiar with all machinery and equipment within their department.
7. Confidentiality:
Regular work involves little or no contact with confidential data or information.

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