Studenttime Staffing Solutions’ Mission

Studenttimes Staffing Solutions’ mission is to promote economic growth and stability by delivering and coordinating workforce services to include; policy development, job placement services. In order for us to accomplish our mission, we will improve our processes embrace innovative solutions and technologies so we can continually grow our organization by developing a strong partnership with our stakeholders. 

Our vision

We are committed to provide quality service by matching job ready workers with local employers through unshakeable dedication and unwavering devotion.

Our values

  • Honesty in our word and action

  • Conduct fairly and with integrity

  • Develop trustworthy relationship

  • Deliver on commitments as promised

  • Take initiative, with a clear business purpose in mind

  • Pursue work with energy, drive, and a need for completion

  • Adapt to vary  work situation by being flexible and innovation in resolving issues

  • Be accountable for work, actions and behaviors in order to attain business results

  • Consider safety and security in all actions and decisions

  • Account for and protect physical assets and property 

  • Work as a team

  • Develop mutual trust between employees and employers

  • Communicate openly, directly, frequently and tactfully

  • Encourage sharing of ideas 

  • Continually work and develop as individuals, as teams and as an organization

  • Commit a continual learning to promote the development of transferable job skills   

Passion to strive forward