Studenttimes Staffing Solutions

Studenttimes Staffing Solutions

Studenttimes Staffing Solutions is a professional recruitment agency that specializes in providing permanent, temporary, and contractual staffing solutions, both full-time and part-time.

We recognize that success is achieved through people. The lack of qualified employees is, more than ever, a critical issue that directly affects the performance of your organization. We are committed to simplifying your staffing process.

We have an active database of over 1000+ qualified, experienced candidates and job seekers looking for various job opportunities. 80% of our workforce is under the age of 40 years old and are highly motivated, bright, active, and eager to learn individuals.

Recruiting process: Studenttimes has been organizing Job Fairs for the past 5 years. We hold 1-on-1 meetings with potential candidates and rigorously filter and select only those that are most committed and qualified. We screen them all, which includes background and reference checks, and send only the most qualified ones for the job.

Our vision: We are committed to provide quality service by matching job ready workers with local employers  through unshakeable dedication and unwavering devotion.

Our Services

we provide job in different sectors such as

Human Resources
Office Admin

IT professional


Sales, Marketing 
Customer Services



Skilled Trades

Distributions, Packaging
Shipping & Receiving 

Before sending any candidates, we screen them thoroughly as a part of which they must pass the following tests.

  • Worker Health and Safety
  • WHMIS ( Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) 
  • AODA Knowledge (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities)
  • Math & English (internal test to make sure they speak good English and understand basic Math)